Jeremy : Swatch Watch : Homogenic Björk
Endymion's Hut : DC's Watchmen : Pet Shop Boys
Mike Allred's Madman : Björk

Here's what happens when some of your favorite pop phenomena
intersect with the characters of FEW and FAR Between comics!

Clipping from Jeremy exhibit #8 (10/2000)- When Eve swiped Jeremy's Bag..
Clipping from Swatch exhibit #7 (9/2000)- When Swatch filled the skies over the Desert Kollum..
Clipping from Homogenic Bjork exhibit #6 (12/97)- When Björk left Greak Kollum..
Clipping from Endymion's Hut exhibit #5 (1/96)- When Cardamon Rose and Treefrog stumbled upon Endymion's Hut..
  • Features a smattering of FaFB poïtry!
  • Clipping from Watchmen exhibit #4 (11/95)- When the Kollumañeros dress up as DC Comics's Watchmen..
  • This exhibit is currently available for viewing over at Serializer.net
  • Clipping from Pet Shop Boys exhibit #3 (9/95)- When Pet Shop Boys Stopped Over in Greak Kollum..
    Clipping from Madman exhibit #2 (8/95)- When Madman Dropped into Greak Kollum..
    Clipping from Bjork exhibit #1 (7/95)- When Björk Hit Greak Kollum..

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