When Madman dropped into Greak Kollum, how come he was so gigantic? (Picture of Madman beleaguered by some Kollumaneros)
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Mike Allred's Madman is the coolest super-hero! He appears in the World's Snappiest Comic Magazine, Madman Comics, which is published by tip-top comics publisher, Dark Horse Comics. To know him is to love him. He reminds us that in the face of the extraordinary and of the mundane, a little madness is what gets you through. Check him out the next time you have an opportunity; start with a colorful and jolly recent issue, or the seminal, exquisitely melancholy trilogy that got it rolling, The Oddity Oddyssey. I think you'll be glad you did..

Find out all about the projects of Mike Allred and his cohorts at his site: AAA Pop. Allred has been up to all sorts of things since this page was originally posted!

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