When Bjork left Greak Kollum, everyone's fever broke.. (Picture of Björk and four delirious Kollumañeros)
The NOO Greak KOLLUM and all prominent characters are TM and ©1997 Jonathan Thayer.

Sneak inside Björk's latest album, Homogenic,
and crawl through the chambers of her heart.

This NOO Greak GALLERY picture was inspired by the songs of Homogenic,
especially "Pluto", "Bachelorette", "Unravel", and "All neon like".

Björk Albums:
Homogenic: (Thumbscan of Album Cover) Post: (Thumbscan of Album Cover) Debut: (Thumbscan of Album Cover)
Björk and Sugarcubes Remix Albums:
Telegram: (Thumbscan of Album Cover) It's It: (Thumbscan of Album Cover)

Click to see the 1995 Björk exhibit inspired by Post..
It inaugurated the Gallery:
Clipping from Bjork Post exhibit

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