When Bjork hit Greak Kollum, she messed up everything. (Picture of Bjork and some traumatized Kollumaneros)
The NOO Greak KOLLUM and all prominent characters
are TM and ©1995 Jonathan Thayer. Björk's hair and spacesuit styled by Joda.

The Kollumañeros groove to Björkmusic all the time. They love to listen and dance to her second album, Post(Thumbscan of Album Cover), her first album, Debut(Thumbscan of Album Cover), and the three albums she made as a member of the Sugarcubes: Life's Too Good(Thumbscan of Album Cover); Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!(Thumbscan of Album Cover); and Stick Around for Joy(Thumbscan of Album Cover); (plus It's It(Thumbscan of Album Cover), a remix album), all released under the Elektra label.

For a taste of Björk with a personal touch, visit WebSense. Let Björk grab you by the heel and take you on a tour of the Web! And try some of the other Björklinks scattered throughout this text; she's a muse who inspires many.

Click to see the 1997 Björk exhibit inspired by Homogenic:
Clipping from Homogenic Bjork exhibit

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