When Cardamon Rose and Treefrog stumbled upon
Endymion's Hut
they spontaneously waxed poetic..

Treefrog and Cardamon Rose (and Saturn) nervously investigate a mysterious stone hut.

After a year of tNGK poïms, here's some of your favorites, and mine!


Come along
And sing my song
I promise you
It won't take long

Once you learn
The melody
The whole thing sails
Back out to sea..


My brother Mike
is a red-meat-and-pork man
My sister subsists
just on greens

My mother, she died
eating corned beef and cabbage
So me
I only eat beans


My pants have two legs
and I two more
But when I wear them
I haven't four

My shoes have bottoms
I call them soles
Worn too long
they develop holes


An old man at
My door one day
Said he had
One thing to say

I asked him what
He had to say
He said he'd say
Some other day





"Am I Athena to his mind?
Dionysius to his thigh?
Do I have to vanquish him
As son of earth and sky?

"Will my pate go bald like his?
Do I have his nose?
His mother said I have his laugh
Was it the laugh I chose?"


I met Zero in a cave
silent and alone
I approached respectfully
He said, "No one's home"

"But you are here" I replied
At which he softly laughed:
"But I am naught, a ring of none,
Now leave lest you go daft."


Another time out on a glen
I spied Mister Six
I would have fled right there and then
But heard a voice insist:

"It is not Mister Six you see,
But Mistress Nine instead.
My back was weary from its load;
I'm standing on my head."


I've woken up
I've woken down
My second life
of dreams resounds

I've been places
I don't recall
But having been
I know them all


Treefrog eats bugs
Clara cleans dishes
The Old River Man
Sleeps with the fishes

Arma throws punches
William just mopes
And Oona and Nora
Threaten cold gropes


Endymion sing-songs
The Falling Man falls
A blue moon or flower
Makes Calculus pause

Cardamon giggles
Bezekiel's profound
The dog only talks
When John is around


There was a crow
Who had gone two days without water
And could find no water anywhere he looked

A man with melted snow cupped in his hands
Offered to trade the water he had
For half the crow's feathers

The crow accepted
And gave the man feathers
From his left wing and his right wing
And he drank the water from the man's hands

The man sewed the feathers to his sleeves and flew away
The crow's thirst had disappeared
But after he had drunk this water
His eyes could cry no tears


He looks for his shadow on the walk at his feet
Finding none there, he checks on the street
The street being empty, he looks in a tree
Up in the branches, he spies only me

He turns round a corner and stops in the square
Tries all the benches but still no luck there
He finally heads home and climbs up the stairs
And wonders why fried eggs are eaten in pairs


A burrow; a burrel
A dark spinney
A gust

A low ceiling
Gray air
A burrow; a dim burrel
In mid-air


Tonight the world is fitted
With a bright and brand new year
And everyone will greet it
With bright eyes and laughing cheer

When the year starts over
All things seem scrubbed and new
Even you and I will feel that way
For a day or two


Come along
And sing my song
I promise you
It won't take long

Once you learn
The pretty tune
The whole thing drifts
Back to the moon..

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