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Brief Timeline
Treefrog and friends have been cavorting on the Web since March 27, 1995. For its first three-and-a-half years, the strip was called the NOO Greak KOLLUM, more or less the name of the neighborhood Treefrog and company live in. But during that time, the scope of the strip expanded past the desert environs of Greak Kollum, and on October 5, 1998, the strip was redubbed FEW and FAR Between to make room for all the new faces and places. Please visit the Retrospective for a little more info.

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Personal Websites
  • Arie Kaplan. You know Mad magazine? When I was an impressionable child, my aunt and uncle gave me a subscription each year as a birthday gift. Anyway, one of the guys who writes for Mad these days is named Arie Kaplan. And I've met him. I get a kick out of that. He's one of the guys behind the Gulf Wars: Episode II--Clone of the Attack poster you might have seen. He's got lots of other stuff cooking, too. See what at his site. (18-Mar-03)
  • Tim Keifling's Home Page. Tim is another longtime fan of FaFB. Here are his clutter-free pages of selected links! His Online Comics page includes a concise morphological treatise on the typical Web comic site! (11-Mar-02)
  • Clif's Home Page. Clif Davis is a great fan of FaFB and a Netizen with more than a couple of interesting projects on the Web. Click and see what I mean! (30-Mar-97)


Ellen Lindner
Ellen Lindner
Ellen Lindner is the queen bee's knees: Ellen Lindner's got comics, Ellen Lindner's got zines. Ellen Lindner wields a well-tempered brushline and tells tales of parochial gothic and urban shenanigans. (Ellen Lindner's stories are mostly for grown-ups.) Ellen Lindner's stories imply threats. The last time I saw Ellen Lindner, Ellen Lindner had a Burger King crown on her head. (27-Jun-2002)

Tom Hart!  New Hat Stories!  Hutch Owen!
New Hat Stores
(featuring Hutch Owen)

by Tom Hart
If you don't already know Tom Hart's work, how come? His books (e.g., The Collected Hutch Owen (Top Shelf) and The Sands (Black Eye)) are available in fine comic book stores everywhere. Drawn in lines both immediate and solid, Tom Hart's stories are sometimes mysterious, usually humorous, and always full of conviction--if not always fully convinced. Tom Hart's most prominent hero, Hutch Owen, fights the good fight right now at the exciting subscription-based Webcomics site, ModernTales.com (22-Apr-2002)

Your new chickenhome

from Sara Varon
Do you like comics that just make you feel swell? Sara Varon's comics make me feel swell. Things always look a little rainy in them, but a cozy kitchen with something in the oven usually isn't too many blocks away. Chickenopolis is a showcase for Sara's illustrating talents. Look for rolloverman. Look for the alphabet comic. Look for the pretty linoleum cut. Look! Look! Look! I think you'll find it all easy on the heart. (17-Dec-2001)


from Henry Chui  Come to pOnju for manga-style dazzlement! Henry Chui offers two strips, PiggyHunter and Chiga and Kaput. The strip-style PiggyHunter is contemporary and whimsical while Chiga and Kaput is comic-book style in a classical era. But both feature winged animal companions! You'll especially want to admire the sumptuous color work Henry uses to embellish his pages. pOnju also offers some active and creative forums! (3-Dec-2001)

Head Doctor Productions
Head Doctor Productions

by Daniel Willingham
Check out Daniel's cartooning work. Daniel is developing a great dynamic style, with plenty of slapstick that never quite drowns out a contemplative spirit beneath. (28-May-2001)

Fan Art

Sea Urchins
Sea Urchins

by Jason Whitley and Scott Eckelaert
A very likable family strip written and drawn with whimsy and warmth, plus a little mischief. The Unrun family only begins with Ole Unrun, pictured above. There's also his forbearing wife, Ali, at his side, and their seven kids at his heels. Seven! That's a lot of personalities to all be living in one boat. On a hill. (9-Apr-2001)

Dedos the Elf

by Chris López
I like to think of Dedos as good old-fashioned "swords 'n' psychology". Dedos himself is a stalwart Elf on a solitary quest of self-discovery in the world of humans. Join him on his path as he meets both mysterious and cruel forces, each with their own designs on his fate. Dedos looks like it's hand-drawn, pencil on paper, but López actually manages to achieve this initimate effect directly on his computer. (26-Feb-2001)

Fan Art

Jeremy on the rampage!

by Jon Morris
A super strip. Can you imagine being a nine-year-old boy composed of the reanimated body parts of corpses? It can't be easy, but Jeremy makes it through somehow, with the help of some tolerant friends. Jeremy is one of the most distinctive heroes you'll find on the Web. I'm quite fond of Jeremy; he's got heart. Even if it is someone else's. (13-Mar-2000)

Fan Art

Triangle and Robert (Triangle's the one on the left) Triangle and Robert
by Patrick Shaughnessy
Triangle and Robert makes me laugh out loud. Please join this humble triangle and rhombus as they learn the lumpy origins of the Universe, evade tortured ghost-blobs, and navigate a world with no distinguishing characteristics. T&R successfully advances a pure graphic approach even further than Tales of the Beanworld or South Park has and is the rare deconstructed, self-referential strip where the humor is alive and kicking. T&R even has a fan art page! Fan art? How come I don't get fan art? (29-Nov-99)
Well, lookee here! It seems I spoke a little soon! (24-Jul-2000)

Fan Art

alien anthropologist by M. Wesley Osam
Comics by M. Wesley Osam
Mr. Osam has pinpoint timing and an elegant brush and lucky for us he's sharing them on the Web while he hones them on his various comic endeavors. Visit his pages and be delighted like I was by his depiction of awkward conversations with aliens and the death scene of a toaster. Wesley's newest is a literally epic undertaking, the little-known story of Odysseus's nephew, Walter, and his adventures that began with the Trojan War. (1-May-99)

the crowd at the Minerva
Unlike Minerva
By the brains and the brawn behind the Great April Fool's Comic Switch, Terrence Marks. In Unlike Minerva, Terrence writes about a crew of furry-animal theatre-types at the strangely remote Minerva Theatre. At this time, Terrence relies on a rotating pool of cartoonists for the artwork, a situation which imbues the strip with a pleasurably unexpected "post-modern" multi-facetedness. Click here to see Joda's rendition from the week of June 28, 1999! In its early days still, it looks like the start of something unique. (26-Apr-99)

Comics Collected

Have you seen Modern Tales yet? You're missing a lot if you haven't! Modern Tales is the first subscription-based Webcomics site and it's off to a grand start. You can always read the latest installments for free, but join me and many hundreds of others as a subscriber, and splash around in the copious archives. You've got to see the sumptuous Cuentos de la Frontera, naughty Fancy Froglin, stalwart Hutch Owen, the elegant American Born Chinese, the bone-cooling New Adventures of Death, and, and, and... I just have to stop there or I never will. (Please note: Being "modern", some of these tales are less suited for children than others.) (22-Apr-2002)


  • The Idiot File, by the Head Idiot. Lots of idiotic stuff, collected in one idiotic place, including three idiotic pages (so far) of inline online strips. (22-Jan-2001)
  • WebComics Daily by David de Vitry. They're all here; three pages of daily comics, two pages of weeklies, and a page of editorial cartoons, too! Be sure to click on any strips you like; most of the images are linked to the cartoonists' home pages. (30-Apr-95)
  • Jason's WebComics Daily. Unabashedly owing a lot to David de Vitry's work, here's another place to find strips all in one place.

Comics Resources
OnlineComics.net - A Directory of Online Comics Browse OnlineComics.net in numerous categories of online comics, including Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Humor, Manga, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Slice-of-Life, Sprite, Super Hero, and Suspense. (18-Nov-2002) Open Directory Project
Thanks to Open Directory
for selecting FaFB as a cool online comics site! Open Directory's goal is to produce the most useful and comprehensive directory of the Web, by relying on a vast army of volunteer editors. Maybe you'd like to be one! (If you like FaFB, you obviously have discriminating taste!)
Stu's Comic Strip Connection Stu's Comic Strip Connection, from Stu Rees. There's a lot to see at SCSC! Stu has his own funny daily lawyer strip, Stu's Views; selective inline comics pages; and a distinctive set of links to both creative and practical resources for the aspiring cartoonist! Wildcat's Lair: The Homepage Bart Smith, aka Wildcat, assembles in his Lair a personably-annotated listing of Web comics offerings. Running a well-chosen range of single-panel gag strips to serialized epics, come here to find the strip you didn't know you were missing! (7-Jan-2002)
Yahoo! Do you need me to tell you about Yahoo? Arguably the world's most famous Website, I'm pleased to be listed on its alphabetized, extensive, and largely annotated index of Web strips and comics sites. (Spring-95) The Weekly Giggle Links and Laughs ThE WeEkLy GiGgLe is a giant storehouse of entertainments for every day of the week! Lots of humor indexes, but other free stuff for fun on your computer, too! (6-Nov-2001)

Buy Burd Early CDs (Designed by Joda!)

When he sings, my musician friend calls himself "Burd Early".
He created the sweet music Tako and Pengo dance to in their Shockwave feature.
It's been my pleasure to design the artwork for Burd Early's CDs.

As a FEW and FAR Between reader,
maybe you would like to purchase them for just that reason.
But I think you'll feel you got your money's worth
when you set Mr. Early's warm and ambling songs wafting through your listening space.

11-track album: Artwork designed by Joda, based on B.E. photographs     5-track EP: Inside photo by B.E., everything else drawn by Joda!

Visit www.burdearly.com to learn more about Burd Early,
and to find out some places you can order his CDs
(in addition to a couple of the bigger places you already know about).

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