Seven Years of Treefrog
This timeline traces the evolution of both Treefrog and FEW and FAR Between since their first appearance on these pages in 1995. Use the links throughout to jump into any portion of FaFB history you fancy!

In the early days, Treefrog talked a lot about finding "the long-lost brother he never knew he had"
March 27, 1995

Welcoming Spring (at tNGK/FaFB's first anniversary)
March 25, 1996

Treefrog continues to seek kin to "even out" his oddness
March 24, 1997

In 1998, Treefrog met the residents of the Swamp, Gollum Greak
March 12, 1998

And in 1999, he met the  Kollumañeros of the frigid Poles
March 8, 1999

From the beginning, Cardamon Rose has been Treefrog's best friend
November 6, 2000

Treefrog might be a lot older than we realize

April 16, 2001

On the move

February 11, 2002
This is it, the very first panel of the very first strip featuring Treefrog's very first appearance on the Web!
For the first couple of years, the strip was a daily gag strip called the NOO Greak KOLLUM. It took place solely in the Desert neighborhood of Greak Kollum.
Halfway to the strip's first anniversary, Treefrog received a haircut from the Sisters Coote. The hedgehog look lasted for a little while, but the big spikes were not to be supressed forever.. During the first half of 1997, the strip was posted as the weekly tNGK Simfunnies. Those extra-long Sunday-style pages led up to the first story-length episode of the FEW and FAR Between, "Hither and Yon". Three months into the Simfunnies of 1997, the Kollumañeros got big heads--as these before-and-after panels from 1997 and 1998 demonstrate.
Here Treefrog sports the coldsuit he was known to wear against the winters of this period. It was manufactured for him by John.
It was in 1998 that the strip officially became FEW and FAR Between.
By 1999, all three neighborhoods of FEW and FAR Between had been introduced--the Desert, the Swamp, and the Poles--and Treefrog and friends were happily sharing the stage with a cast of dozens. Swampy Gollum Kreak held the spotlight during the Spring of 2000, in the full-length story, "The Sisters Move In!". The next time Treefrog showed up was that Autumn, in a Scene with Cardamon Rose and Arma Geddon.
Is this the most "darling" picture of Treefog ever?
Over the course of Treefrog's seven years in public life, his character has metamorphosed into someone more quiet than he started out, and more detached from the civilization of Greak Kollum--if not from its citizens.

2001 saw the publication, in print as well as on the Web, of "Small World". Consider it "square one": What has been told before is all being reprised and reframed, starting in that issue.

Treefrog trots into the future, perhaps to learn what he is, and why.

[To be continued]

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