24 (+ 18) Hour Comic
"Long Night"
Well... Twenty-four, plus another eighteen: Back in March 2002, I participated in a 24-Hour Comic event: A bunch of other cartoonists and I holed up in a single apartment from 10 AM one Saturday morning to 10 AM the next morning. Our objective was to each produce an entire twenty-four page comic in twenty-four hours' time. While many met the challenge, I completed twenty-four pages only of pencils by the next morning. But I returned to them in another marathon session from July 4-July 5, inking and processing them so that I can now post them for you to see. I hope you get a kick out of them!
Written and pencilled 10 AM March 9 to 10 AM March 10, 2002. Inked, scanned, and tagged 8 AM July 4 to 2 AM July 5, 2002.

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